How To Allow Website Blocked By McAfee Net Guard?

Allow Website Blocked By McAfee – McAfee is a very powerful security service which has a vast database of threats. In order to offer the utmost security, McAfee blocks the website that seems suspicious in any way. Sometimes, important and non-threatful websites also get blocked.

How To Allow Website Blocked By McAfee Net Guard?

Allow Website Blocked By McAfee

If you are also facing such problem then do not worry, you can unblock the website. For that, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article. Furthermore, if you want faster resolution, contact McAfee Support at the toll-free number.

McAfee Net Guard is a security feature offered by McAfee to protect the user from various threats faced by them while surfing various websites on the internet.

Steps To Access Blocked Websites By McAfee Net Guard

These are some steps that you need to follow to access the blocked website. However, you can go to in case of any issues.

  • Launch the McAfee application on your computer, go to if any error occurs.
  • Now go to the web and email protection tab on your application.
  • You will see a gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen, click on it.
  • Now choose Firewall and then go to Net Guard.
  • The IP address blocked by the McAfee will appear here.
  • Navigate to the one that you wish to unblock and save the settings.
  • Go to the web browser and check whether you can access the websites or not.

If the websites are still blocked then feel free to contact the McAfee Support. To Allow Website Blocked By McAfee, you can also try the toll-free number or get hold of a skilled technician for the same.

You Check Whether Website Is Trusted Or Not

McAfee blocks website when it detects suspicious activity on site. With McAfee, you can check whether a website is trusted or not. After this, you might not want to Allow Website Blocked By McAfee.

  • On your web browser go to “”, it is a service provided by
  • A web page will appear on your screen.
  • Here, choose McAfee Real-Time Database from the option.
  • And then enter the URL in the given blank.
  • Finally, click on the Check URL button.
  • After that, all the details will appear on your screen.

McAfee always recommends their users to use the McAfee Net Guard to avoid any infection on their device and data.

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Here is the list of similar issues faced by McAfee users related to “Allow Website Blocked By McAfee”. For that, you can contact the McAfee Support. Simply place a call at the toll-free number and get hold of a skilled technician. #mcafee com activate

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